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    Social Media Insta Facebook Frame

    Instagram Facebook Photo Booth Selfie Cutout Frame

    With or without a photo booth, this party prop will make your event stand out. 🎉

    🤩 This is a fun prop to have. Great for all occasions such as birthdays, weddings, baby shower, bridal showers, graduation, holiday, family events or any party.

    🤩 Pump up the fun and involve your guests with these social media …

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    Table Standee

    Table standees suits perfectly and add glamour to your buffet table. 🥳

    Also used in advertisements. 🏪

    Some of our best selling table standees are:

    ✔️ Small version of life-sized standees

    ✔️ Caricature or Superhero body with enlarged head

    ✔️ Portrait of the celebrant / model


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    Ticket Invitation

    Here’s a ticket style invitation specially made for 7th birthday. 🎉

    All the seven-sevens are listed on the second page.

    The crown is the custom emblem that wrapped the 2-page invitation by a ribbon / japanese paper.  🎀

    Colors, theme, emblem are customizable. 🖌

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    Tri-fold Invitation

    Searching for a simple and affordable yet quality invitations? ✍🏻

    💌 Here’s a three-fold invitation specially designed for 7th birthday celebration.

    💌 It can accomodate all the seven 7s like 7 gifts, 7 bags, 7 bills list of names.

    💌 It can be closed with a ribbon and custom emblem for a very minimal price.